Fear: A Driving Force for Growth

In my life I have experienced fear many times. Some of that fear is what I’m naming negative fear; some of it is what I’m calling positive fear. My current negative fears include the potential for nine-to-five monotony in a cubicle, or fear of living my life in a way that is not meaningful to me. My current positive fears include fear of planning my own long term outdoor adventures and fear of creating and consistently contributing to ambitious goals–like this blog, for example.

I am thankful and excited that I experience fear. Fear to me is my body directing me to the life choices that will lead to the greatest happiness long term. I think the fact that I feel fear from planning a self-directed, long term bicycle trip is an indication that I should do exactly that–that there is great potential for emotional growth in doing so. Likewise, writing this very post is exploring my fear of consistency contributing to an an ambitious goal. I am fearful on whether I will consistently write posts, but that only encourages me to try my best to. Even if I don’t, I think I will have learned something about my capacity for consistency, likely increased that capacity, and explored my fear.

If there is anything in your life that you’re currently fearing, I’d like to encourage you to analyze whether pursuing that fear could lead to personal growth (e.g. giving a speech to a large audience), or if the presence of that fear is an indication to avoid that activity (e.g. an unfulfilling life).


2 thoughts on “Fear: A Driving Force for Growth

  1. “My current negative fears include the potential for nine-to-five monotony in a cubicle”, it’s very interesting that you say that. Most of us healthcare worker, we want to move up the ladder chain so we can get to the cubicle. 😛

    I guess nobody knows what’s happiness is, and everybody is striving for something that they don’t know or never experience 😛

    Good luck with the new blog.


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